Five Minute Friday: Beloved

Every friday over at Lisa Jo’s blog is a big blog carnival called Five minute friday.To participate write for 5 minutes flat with no editing, tweaking or self critiquing. Lisa Jo’s topic this week is: Beloved.


I was once a part of a group called Beloved. We were an all girls group specifically reaching out to other girls. We talked a lot about how we are God’s beloved.

The word beloved always brings up this reminder to me:

I am God’s beloved.

So fitting to write on this on the day after Valentines.

WE are loved by God.

So loved!

We are loved by a God who is so big.

We are significant to a God who created all people, all creatures, the earth.

I am significant.

I love to think of looking down from a mountaintop at a town below, or down at towns from the window seat on a plane. It puts it all into persective how tiny, how insiginificant we are in the grand sceeme of all the people and creatures of the world.

But really,

To God,

I AM a big deal.

I love the imagery that if I was the only person on the earth who needed saving, God still would have sent his son to die for me.

Because he LOVES me.

I am His beloved.

Pretty powerful God’s love.

Pretty powerful that truth.












And don’t you forget it!


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Day 26: Five Minute Friday: Voice

Today I am linking up with 5 minute Friday over with Lisa-Jo Baker.

No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation.

Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Just five minutes of blogging.

Lisa-Jo puts it up a topic a minute after midnight on Fridays. I wasn’t able to stay up that late last night due to the dreaded colds that come with winter, so here is mine, 25 minutes after 12…noon… 🙂


One of my favorite books is called The Voice. I’m drawing a blank as to who it is by and my five minute timer may go off before I’m able to. But you should look for it. I will try to update later who it is by.

It’s a picture book. But I would say it’s probably aimed more at older children.

I love it, and I’m 27.

The cover of the book shows a guy sitting in a boat. As the story goes on This guy (who is never named) is fishing. The Voice starts talking to him, telling him that He loves him.

The guy tells the voice to go away, he’s fishing.

Soon the boat springs a leak and the guy blames the Voice. He plugs it with a foot and other hole appears.

The boat begins to sink and the Voice says: Follow Me.

In the end the Voice convinces the guy to get out of his boat and follow him. The guy takes a big breath and pulls his feet out. The next page is black indicating that the guy has closed his eyes. The Voice tells him to open them and when he does we see that he is walking on water.

Obviously the Voice is Jesus.

I love how Jesus calls us.

How he calls us to follow Him.

And this guy shows the emotions that we all so often feel when God is calling us to some uncharted territory: Fear. Distrust. And sometimes we blame God when doors get closed.

But like the guy realizes at the end of the book: When we trust and follow God, we can walk on water!

What is God calling you to step out into? What ways are God asking you to Follow Him?


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