Idol Worship

My first year of college I met some crazy people. I learned that girls are catty, super catty. I learned that our dry campus was so dry you could swim. I learned that chapel every day was pretty much the same every day (a lesson I quickly unlearned a few years later) And I learned that some christians are pretty extreme in their beliefs.

I met a girl who said that she couldn’t worship in a place which didn’t have a cross. She tied so much of worship to the cross and saw a huge importance to having this symbol around during worship.

I began to think about this, and still sometimes ponder this, is it possible to worship the cross as an idol– to have idol worship of a cross?

Can we not worship God in nature? In majestic mountain ranges, in vast and barren deserts or fruitful and plentiful fields? Can we not worship God at the presence of an every day miracle: the birth of a child? Where is the cross in all of this?

What about churches which don’t have a church home? Must christians who gather to praise and worship God also make sure they have a cross with them?


Recently I heard talk of a church which doesn’t openly advertise their denomination. You wont see Methodist, Baptist, Catholic or Lutheran written on any of their paperwork. A friend visited the church and was turned off by this. They couldn’t imagine worshiping at a church which didn’t advertise which church they belonged.

To clarify, they belong to a denomination, they preach and believe based on that┬ádenomination but the church doesn’t shout “We are Catholic.” (or whatever denomination.)

Can this be “idol worship”?

Maybe it’s a stretch, but my question really is: Whats important when it comes to worship? And at what point does insistance on a name or a symbol become Idol worship?

Food for though.

Do not make any gods to be alongside me; do not make for yourselves gods of silver or gods of gold. Exodus 20:23



A few years ago I was given a “praise stick” which reads “God Keeps His promises. Along with this small 1 by 6 plaque was a note which told me that the praise stick had sat on the mantle of it’s original owner for many years as a reminder that God Keeps His Promises. It had been a reminder for this dear friend through a difficult divorce, the challenging teenage years of her two daughters, job changes, and health scares. My friend felt the urge to pass this praise stick on to me that day. She told me that she hoped it would serve as a reminder that God keeps His promises as I was faced with uncertainty and beyond. And it has.

And God does keep His promises doesn’t he? He promised to send His son to save us: and he did. He promised He would never again flood the earth: and he hasn’t. He promised Abraham that his descendants would be more than the stars in the sky: and you and I are proof of that! He promises that he will never leave us nor forsake us: and I am certain He has not! And He promises that He has a plan for us, on that will give us a hope and a future.

The latter promise is the one I am clinging to the most these days. And I love this song by Sanctus Real:

(The above text was part of a letter I wrote published in my church’s newsletter this month, but I am so reminded these days of God’s promises that I wanted to share it here too!)

Day 22: Monday Blues

My t-shirt

My favorite Jeans

The clear clear sky today

The bridesmaid dress I tried on (just to be sure still it fit!)

The collar on the cat

The color on my favorite soda can today

My favorite color Pen

All Blue…All on Monday

At church yesterday we talked about seeing the positive instead of the negative. It’s a choice most days isn’t it? We can complain that it’s Monday and it’s back to the work days or we can see the positives. These Monday Blues aren’t sad. They just happen to be Blue things I can rejoice in today.

What are your Monday Blues?

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Philippians 4:4

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24