Thankful Thursday

It seems lately that I have a lot to be thankful for.

Not just because it’s that season.

But also because I’m reminded of how blessed I am and have been as I say some difficult good-byes.

Today I’m thankful for colleagues who took me out to breakfast.

I’m thankful for colleagues who care.

I’m thankful for progress in the packing- even if when I look at my house I still see things that NEED to be done…

I’m thankful for a going away party at school

And for making it through the party without tears.

I’m thankful for parents who don’t mind baking and cleaning up after said party.

I’m thankful for families who support me.

I’m thankful for friends far away who love and encourage me.

And who tell me that It’s going to hit me hard that I am leaving soon and it’s going be okay.

I’m thankful for friends close by who offer a listening ear and laughs over a meal.

I’m thankful for a cat who is extra cuddly lately.

For Walmart being open all the time (so even when I forget things I can run and get it.)

And for duct tape which fixes and holds anything!

I’m thankful for talented friends and their sweet gifts– as if I’ll ever forget them or the sweet sweet kids I taught?!

But mostly I’m thankful for a God who not only gave me all these blessings but also gives me peace- unbelievable, unexplainable, not-really-sure-why-I-m-not-freaking-out peace, Peace only HE can give and HE knows I really need these days!

What are you thankful for today?

Ps. I just realized that every blog this week has been day-themey, I promise the next one will NOT be. This week has been crazy!


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