A few years ago I was given a “praise stick” which reads “God Keeps His promises. Along with this small 1 by 6 plaque was a note which told me that the praise stick had sat on the mantle of it’s original owner for many years as a reminder that God Keeps His Promises. It had been a reminder for this dear friend through a difficult divorce, the challenging teenage years of her two daughters, job changes, and health scares. My friend felt the urge to pass this praise stick on to me that day. She told me that she hoped it would serve as a reminder that God keeps His promises as I was faced with uncertainty and beyond. And it has.

And God does keep His promises doesn’t he? He promised to send His son to save us: and he did. He promised He would never again flood the earth: and he hasn’t. He promised Abraham that his descendants would be more than the stars in the sky: and you and I are proof of that! He promises that he will never leave us nor forsake us: and I am certain He has not! And He promises that He has a plan for us, on that will give us a hope and a future.

The latter promise is the one I am clinging to the most these days. And I love this song by Sanctus Real:

(The above text was part of a letter I wrote published in my church’s newsletter this month, but I am so reminded these days of God’s promises that I wanted to share it here too!)


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