Day 25: Protection

I was listening to Klove yesterday while driving to work, which is nothing out of the ordinary!

They were talking about the worst passwords of 2012. Not quite the top of the list, but definitely on the list was Jesus.

The radio hosts were talking about how cool it is that it’s such a popular password that it made the list…but if it’s your password, you should change it!

I started thinking about passwords and how we count on them to protect us. We have passwords for our emails, our facebook, twitter, blog, even banks and school accounts. We have passwords for everything. And we rely on those passwords and the security of them to keep all our information safe.

It got me thinking about how Jesus is our protector. If Jesus wasn’t the on the worst passwords list, I’d make mine Jesus, because Jesus is my protector.

If only Jesus could people people from hacking our emails because he was our email password.

But even cooler is how God protects us. He loves us so much that he died to protect us from death, and he protects us through the big and little trials in our life. All of them! He’s pretty amazing!

Jesus is the password protection on my life.

 He is my protector and defender, my shelter and savior, in whom I trust for safety. He subdues the nations under me. Psalm 144:2



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