Day 19: LOOK

Working with teenage and preteen girls hear a lot of chatter about LOOKs.

My youth are always concerned by how they LOOK.

They are concerned that they have the right clothes, the right hair, and are the right size.

They are concerned with how people view them. Do they view them as all put together, always having things in control? Or do they view them as a spaz or someone who is falling apart.

We had a discussion in class one day about masks that we wear. We talked attempted to talk about being real, being honest and letting people see the real person behind the mask.

Why would they let people see when they are having a rough day?

Why would they let people know that things aren’t ok?

Thats not how they were raised.

People would think that they didn’t have it all together.

I would love to say that we all grow out of this phase. This phase of being SO concerned with what other people say. But we don’t do we? Even as grown women we still struggle with what other people think of us.

I see grown women buying clothes from the juniors section, so they don’t LOOK like they are too out of touch.

Makeup is probably easily one of the most bought things by women and girls. Why? Because we need to hide the flaws of who we are.

But none of that matters does it? We all struggle, we all have bad days, we all have wrinkles, scars and imperfections. And we are no less loved by God because we have them. We are no less valued or important because we have them.

If we are all imperfect then why do we all try so hard to be seen as perfect?  Why do we try so badly to LOOK like we have it all together?

So my challenge to you: don’t let the way you LOOK define who you are, be who you are, because you are loved exactly for who you are and what you LOOK like.



12 thoughts on “Day 19: LOOK

  1. This is my first time here (I think) so I don’t know your name. Sorry! But I am thrilled to be your neighbor at FMF. I love your insight here. I have teenage daughters and you’ve given me some important things to think about here. Thank you.
    For the record, I think this has to be the million dollar question: “If we are all imperfect then why do we all try so hard to be seen as perfect?”

  2. Thank you for writing this post. I have daughters and I don’t want them to worry about their outward appearance. But I still struggle with mine. “don’t let the way you LOOK define who you are, be who you are, because you are loved exactly for who you are and what you LOOK like.” This brought it home for me!

  3. Visiting from FMF. Great reminders! I’m teaching high school girls in Sunday School for the first time EVER this year. Having been a teen with extremely low self-esteem and body image issues, I want so much to be able to get through to them that they are beautiful just the way they are. But I have a son, and have no idea how to communicate with girls. 🙂 I’m just trusting that God will lead me in what to say and what to do, and help me to remember how it felt to be them.

    • Teenage girls and teenage boys can be so different! I always find that trusting God to give me the words to say is the best practice. But even when I don’t think about it, it’s usually Him who gives me the words. I look back and think “Where on earth did I come up with that?” Blessings as you continue to minister to these girls!

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