31 days: day 16 Heart and Home link up


Today my heart is heavy for community.

Not really “heavy” in a difficult way, but in a way that community is on my heart. It’s on my heart as I strive to build a community for myself, for my students, and as I learn how community can have such an effect on hearts.

Currently I struggle to feel like I have a community. Sure there is a natural community in which I live and work, but having an honest, open, community where I feel like I can truly be me is something I struggle to find. I have a small community, a few select people who I can be honest with- at all costs. A few people who are far away with whom I have a “virtual” or “long-distance” community. But I don’t always get to be a part of those communities on a daily basis.

And it shows.

My heart is heavy, like hard heavy, on the days that I am not able to connect in community. I drag all day long. I find myself more tired at the end of the day, even if I really did little.

But having the chance to partake in my community is such a blessing! Even a quick phone call to a long-distance friend, or a quick lunch with a friend in town is such an uplifting thing!

We are called to be in community! Jesus didn’t hang out by himself, he went to the people. He surrounded himself with his disciples, with his followers.

Now I don’t think we should go out and find people who will “follow us” but it’s clear that community is important.

Jesus tells us that his greatest command is to love. And while in America we are GREAT at loving ourselves, we are supposed to love one another. We are supposed to carry one another’s burdens. We need one another, we are all different parts in this Body of Christ.

How do you create community for yourself? How do you find a community in a season of life where having an honest community is difficult?

These are the questions I ask myself lately. How would you respond?




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