31 Days: Day 9

What does it mean to have faith??

Often we hear people talk about faith in and out of the realm of Christianity. “Have faith” they may say. “Oh ye of little faith.”

Even those who are not Christian have faith.

Faith that their chair will not collapse on them. Faith that their car will get them where they are going, that it wont burn up or have some other major problem. We have faith in the contractors and builders of tall skyscrapers that they will be sound buildings, that those buildings will not just fall over one day. We have faith that as we walk around a big city the buildings wont collapse. We have faith that trees wont fall on us as we are walking. We have faith that our stoves don’t have a gas leak that may cause it to explode the next time we turn it on.

Are you paranoid yet??

They all seem like such common things.It’s not every day that a gas leak causes an explosion. Trees don’t just fall over. Of course the chair wont collapse, they wouldn’t sell it if it could collapse buildings wont fall over, contractors and builders know that they are doing.

Our God created us. Our loving Heavenly Father created us. And thus he wants what’s best for us. Should we not have faith in Him like we do the chairs we sit on? Or the buildings we enter? We were created by a creator that’s better than any builder.

I was given a “praise stick” not too long ago that reads:

God Keeps His Promises

What promises does God give us?

He promises to always take care of us. He promises that he’ll never leave us. He promises that he has a plan for our lives that will give us hope and not harm us.

Companies promise that their chairs wont break upon sitting on them, that their buildings wont fall or collapse.

Which promises will you put your trust in?


It’s something I’m learning these days. As I trust that God DOES have a plan for my life. As I wait patiently (or not so patiently, depending on the day) for Him to show me his plan. It’s something I’m learning these days as He’s all I have to depend on.

Which promises will I trust in?

God Keeps His Promises

I wrote this post a few months ago.

While in the midst of a job hunt and crazy life transitions.  But it’s still very relevant today.

God Keeps His Promises

The Last few months God has shown me over and over again, even as man’s sinful nature gets in the way that He keeps his promises. He has a plan.

I’m trusting in the promises of One much greater than I. I’m resting on the assurance that He cares for me. So onward I go.


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