31 Days: Day 4

Today has been a crazy day.

I woke up early again but this time it was because I had a lot to do! As much as I wanted to make time for God this morning I just kept getting caught up in what needed to be done.

I needed to run to a friends house this morning to feed her dogs and let them out. Then I needed to run to my office and grab supplies for a class I was teaching. Then I taught class, twice.

Then it was off to homecoming festivities. Peprally was this morning. I barely made it to the tail end but it was still fun to see the kids teens and their school spirit.

As soon as it was over we were busy setting up for the rest of the homecoming festivities that we had planned for this evening.

All in all I think I had about 30 minutes in the midst of it all to actually sit with nothing to do.

It was a crazy, busy day!

As I sit here though, I can see the ways that God worked through today. He allowed teachable moments with my students, He allowed everything to happen smoothly, when we needed things: they were easily found. Today really went off without a hitch.

Even as a few other church workers and I prayed for something to be canceled: God answered our prayers. (maybe our motive was wrong, but if it wasn’t God’s will it wouldn’t have happened)

Today I pretty much failed at intentionally following Christ in all that I did. But even though I didn’t do it intentionally, I see how God used me and worked through me today. I am reminded today that it’s really not me who does God’s work, but the Spirit working through me and as long as I’m open to allowing him to work, not working against Him, then God will work through me. To quote something a friend sent to in an email: HE changes things, HE is the transformer.

I can’t do it without Him. So long as I draw near to Him, he will use me. So long as I don’t act against Him, he will use me. Because it is by His grace alone that I am even able to follow Christ!


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