31 Days of Following Christ: Day 3

(Catch up!)

Today I intentionally woke up at 6:00, two hours before I had to be at work.

I’m usually one who wakes up at the last possible moment and gets ready. I don’t usually go out of the door looking horrible or anything, I just know how long I absolutely need to get ready and can do it quickly. 7:30 is pretty typical for me.

But I intentionally woke up at 6 today. I wanted to start my day calmer, I wanted to start my day with God. I didn’t want to be rushed or short on time.

In one of my studies we’ve been talking about living a life of worship. Today we talked about what it means to worship and the very first thing was being in God’s Word.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you tell someone else something and you needed to hear it just as much? I had one of those as they complained that they can’t go to church every day and sometimes they can’t get there because they are sick. But we can worship God through being in His Word, praying, gathering with Christians, repenting, and singing songs of praise. We don’t need to be IN the church to do that.

What would it truly look like though to live a life of worship? It’s a question I have been contemplating. What do you think?


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