31 Days of Following Christ: Day 1

I am jumping in head first to blogging by linking up to my first blog link up…(whats the technical name for it anyway?)

I am a day behind but I will just blog an extra day or do two in one day.

Nester is having a fun link up where for the 31 days of October everyone blogs once a day.

Nester’s theme is Home on Purpose. You can click on the link on my side bar and see more 31 bloggers! there are already 1000s of bloggers linking up!!

So for the next 31 days I will be blogging on 31 days of Following Christ. It seemed like an appropriate start to my blog, since I am beginning this journey to discover what it really means to follow Christ. Giving up complacency and going through the motions and picking up ACTUALLY following Christ.

So Here we go!


Yesterday, after my first post, I began reading a book I had been given by a friend called Life of the Beloved. And this morning, before I went to work, I read my devotional which was appropriately about being “Beloved.”

At first I couldn’t believe that they were both about “beloved,” and then I realized it was a total God thing.

Both books talked about being God’s Beloved. They talked about accepting who we are and not trying to live up to someone else’s expectaitons. They talked about not changing who you are or what you believe to fit in.

I see this so often in the children I work with. They are desperate to fit in, to be liked. You can’t give a compliment to one and not give the same compliment to the one next to them.

Even as adults we compete, we compare, we try to read what other people expect from us. We are willing to change who we are to be accepted by others.

But God accepts us just as we are. Because of what Jesus did for us on the cross, God doesn’t see our sins or our failures when he sees us, He just sees his Beloved.

You are loved.

Just as you are.

By a God so much bigger than any important person around us.

You are God’s Beloved.

It can be difficult to accept that. To truly accept that we are loved. Truly, unconditionally loved.

Let that sink in for a moment.

You are loved.

Today I kept reminding myself that I am loved. I kept reminding myself that I am accepted by God just as I am. I tried to be aware of times when I would normally change to be like someone else, or when I might be tempted to say something someone else would expect or accept.

I’m a bit ashamed as an adult that I still try to fit in so hard.

I have friends and family who accept me exactly who I am, and yet I still try so hard to fit in at times.

But as I reminded myself over and over today that I am loved, I am God’s beloved, I found I didn’t need to fit in. I didn’t need to change who I was or what I believed to fit in. I just felt loved. Unconditionally loved.

I think accepting that you are loved and really letting that set in is pretty critical in following Christ. God is love after all.

“For we know, brothers loved by God, that he has chosen you to be his own people. “ 1 Thessalonians 1:4


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